Hello everyone,

Over the weekend I was scheduled for some photo shoots. In the middle of the night. My car was broken into and every single piece of photography and editing equipment was stolen from me. Cameras bodies, all my lenses, laptop, tablet and all the accessories that go with it.

I’m left with nothing.

If you follow me, you know those are the tools that I use to provide and make my income. Without my equipment I’m not able to book and schedule shoots, which puts me in a very tough position.

On top of all of that, the nice officer who wrote up my police report. He told me, there is a very slim chance of actually recovering it. All I could do is find the serial numbers of my equipment and hope they pop up at a pawn shop. Bye Bye equipment…..

Fast forward to this week, there was a Gofundme Campaign created to raise funds to help me get back to work. But, after hearing from a few people who have had Gofundme campaigns before,the are huge fees attached if you raise any money. Upwards of 50%!

Along with the stress and anxiety of being stolen from. I realized I’m not wanting to ask for money from anyone without giving something back. I hate the thought of just asking for hand outs.

So, I came up with a solution that would help out everyone besides me!



If, I’m not wanting to take hand outs but….I can’t provide photo/video services back. What could I give back to help raise funds to replace my equipment?

Why not provide art as a tool to help get everything back!

I’m going to be running major discounts on original paintings, new/commission paintings, prints and other illustration items. Every single dollar that is donated will be going to replacing and rebuilding everything we lost.



Has there been a painting you’ve wanted but it’s been just out of your price range? Well, it might be your time to strike. If you jump over to my Ebay page, you can get killer deals on some of your favorite paintings of mine! Check out the link below.




Couldn’t find the painting you wanted? Have an idea for a piece I haven’t created yet. You’re in luck. Along with discounts to existing paintings, I’m going to be running major discounts on commission paintings. Upwards of 40% depending on the size and subject matter. Please email the contact information below for a quote. SPOTS ARE LIMITED! 





After becoming an instant fan favorite. I had to get the Baby Yoda prints on my page ASAP. If you would like to support the fundraiser through buying the brand new prints. Please click on the link below! There you will find various sizes and options. Enjoy!



Along with all the artwork that is on sale, I’m going to be including shirts and sticker packs as part of the many outlets for you to help out with raising funds and helping us get back on track.

*This option will be going live shortly with links and additional information.


If you’re not in the market for a painting but would still like to help raise funds, we are offering Paypal donations. This way we can have a more secure and reliable method of donations. Unlike Gofundme, there is no accounts, minimum, maximum, crazy fees, so on and so on. 

Every dollar makes a difference when it comes to recovering and rebuilding the tools to be able to provide. 

Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

*Click the link below to jump over to the Paypal Donation Page. 



Thank you and love you all, 
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